Bittersweet Goodness.

I love this place because of all the amazing work they do for kids around the world. So today was bittersweet. It was my first time back since 2013 (though I am fortunate enough to serve and support Rady's Children's Hospital through fundraising and advocacy through other avenues). This is the last place I saw Carsyn. This is the last place that I sung to my sweet baby, played with her curly hair and held her hand.

Today I felt peace, calmness and gratefulness. Today we saw kids brighten up as we handed them BeSuper Kits from MaxLove Project which include the cutest CloudB turtles, MaxLove Market's H O P E beenies,  Dr. John's lollipops and more. Today was both emotional and beautiful. I think being at Rady's today knowing that what we do for families affected by childhood cancer in honor of Carsyn makes an I M P A C T but having the opportunity to give back in this capacity today because of MaxLove allowed my sadness to remain secondary to complete and utter joy. WOW!

Healing + Thriving together,

Kia Davis, Founder