frequently asked questions

How can I make a change to my account or my monthly gift (address, payment information, donation amount, etc.)?

To change information on your account or to update your monthly gift you can:

  • Contact us at 951-795-4952 or


What if I need to stop my monthly gift?

You can stop your gift at any time. You can call 951-795-4952 or email


How am I notified when my monthly gift is processed?

Your monthly gift will be processed each month on the date you start your gift. Each month, you will receive an email update after your gift is processed.

Example: If you make your first contribution on the 18th of the month, your gift will be processed on the 18th of each month thereafter. On the same day, you will receive an email receipt and update showing that your gift has been processed.


When do I receive my receipt for tax purposes?

In January, a statement totaling your monthly gifts for the last calendar year will be sent to your address. If you have an updated address, please update your account.


The Internal Revenue Service recognizes the Carsyn Neille foundation as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. Our tax ID is #81-2862449