We rely on referrals from caring individuals to help us reach kids who have been diagnosed or are recovering from life-threatening cancer and/or mothers who have lost their little one to these same life-threatening medical conditions. We serve families in the San Diego, Riverside and Orange County areas. The eligibility consideration process is initiated when a referral is received. Once we select a child/mother, our #ComfortCreators meet with them to build a personal profile that helps us get to know each individuals interest and needs. 




Our #ComfortCreators work together to create a vision for each room. Depending on the needs of the room, this may involve selecting paint, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, bedding, fabrics, window coverings, and decorative accents. When the design is complete, we collaborate with our contractors, who generously offer their time and materials at an AMAZINGLY discounted rate. We also reach out to our fabulous vendors, many of whom donate their products (artwork, furniture, accessories, etc.) to us because they believe so firmly in our mission.


As the designing and planning takes place, we simultaneously share the family’s story with our community of supporters - our #ComfortCreators. Through social media, advertising, and community events, we raise awareness of each families need. Our Rooms to Thrive program is funded through each child’s separate campaign funding source with 30% of their projects funding donated from our general fund. Our Rooms to Heal programs 100% donation funded and we rely on our community of #ComfortCreators to help us gather the funds and materials that we need to create the ultimate healing space for these sweet moms. 


Finally, the much anticipated day has arrived! Volunteers, #ComfortCreators, vendors and contractors all come together to help us execute the “big reveal” - a moment so satisfying. The emotions throughout this day are difficult to put into words - this is what all of the hard work has come down to. For our mothers - this is the space that will assist them throughout their grieving process. For our brave kiddos - this is the space that will catapult them into positive self-discovery and _ in their recovery process. All of this, we then get to share with you, thanks to our amazing photographers and videographers, working on a voluntary basis.