Cecilia was diagnosed with stage 1 Wilms Tumor on April 5, 2013 at the age of 2, she went through surgery to remove her right kidney along with a two pound tumor. She then endured 20 weeks of chemotherapy. Through it all she maintained her beautiful smile and strong spirit but on Feb 28th 2014 after 6 months of remission the cancer came back in her lungs with a vengeance. She has now had radiation to both lungs and was suppose to go through 26 weeks of a more aggressive chemotherapy but after 8 weeks of chemotherapy her liver enzymes elevated to extremely high levels and have maintained for quite some time.

In July of 2014 Cecilia's Mom + Dad decided to opt out of chemotherapy and treated her 100% holistically from that point on using cannabis, an organic, sugar free diet, detox, supplements and essential oils. Not only did they see 3mm of shrinkage in 3 months but they have seen no evidence of disease for over two years now and she is thriving.