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Grayson was only 18 months old when a week-long hospital stay turned into multiple bouts with pneumonia that year. Anyone who has young children knows that there is certainly nothing “normal” about having a child who battles any illness. But this had become their normal. Grayson’s parents had endured more emergency room visits than the average parents.


Still, nothing could have prepared them for what was next to come - what started as a CT scan of Grayson’s tiny lungs catapulted their family into a whirlwind journey over the next few months that would change their lives forever: Childhood Cancer.

In 2015, Grayson was diagnosed with a malignant mass on his kidney known as Wilms Tumor. The doctor’s words hit Grayson’s mother like a ton of bricks. Her heart sank into her feet. Her grip tightened on the phone as the doctor continued: “We will need to remove his kidney right away and begin chemotherapy.” It was then that Grayson’s family would come to understand just how quickly things can change. Within days, Grayson would go on to have his kidney removed. It was late December, and he and his family made it home from the hospital just in time for Christmas.

Grayson and his family rested, unsettled, for just a few weeks before chemotherapy began in January. For the next 5 months, Grayson would gather up his toys into his little suitcase and carry it with him to the hospital where he received treatment. On most days, he laughed and played, without a care in the world. His spirit was never broken - he never knew just how sick he was. All he knew is that he was so incredibly loved.

For Grayson, a Rooms to Thrive would provide a space for him to run and play just like any other vibrant little boy. It would symbolize the closing of a chapter and the starting of a new journey for this brand new big brother. A Rooms to Thrive will allow Grayson an opportunity that most children are born with: the freedom to live a healthy life. And in return, we know that Grayson will enter his new room, with all of his unwavering happiness, unpack his little suitcase for good, and continue to THRIVE.

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 Grayson's Design Team

Meet Kim Bayani. Born and raised in Poway, California and currently resides in Valley Center, California enjoying the farm to table lifestyle. Kimmi’s currently a student working toward her Interior Design degree. She’s always had a passion for design whether it be architecture, fashion or interior design. Her parents really inspired her to pursue this passion. Her dad is a custom home builder in the local area, and her mom provides both the interior and landscape designs for his projects. She has experience in event design and it is something she’s enjoyed doing as a hobby over the last several years. Her style is a reflection of her personally. Loving the Farmhouse style with a little Bohemian and Americana touches. Her favorite thing is to mix vintage with new, giving a classic but urban look and feel. She’s looking forward to collaborating with the Carsyn Neille Foundation in creating unique and comforting spaces that meet each child’s needs.

Welcome to our crew Kimmi and we’re so grateful for the amazing contributions you’ve made with Ella, Soleil and Grayson's Room to Thrive.