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Rooms to Thrive: Ella

Check out our Pinterest board for Ella and tell us some of your favorite pins. Whimsical Woodland's - our theme for this space.

We asked Ella + her mom what were FIVE things they'd love to see in her Room, this is what they had to say:


1.Butterflies. Ella was literally born under a mobile of butterflies at home. This butterfly theme, in light of her journey through cancer, has been a beautiful reminder of re-birth and blossoming out challenges.

2. Fairies. Along with butterflies, these whimsical creatures are a favorite source of imaginative play at our house.

3. White + Gold. Clean, pure and calming.

4. Wood. In the spirit of whimsy, the natural tones of wood against a backdrop of neutral tones and fairies and butterflies....beautiful!

5. Glam. What girl doesn't need more sparkle in their life?!?!

* $25 will help us purchase an item to accessorize Ella’s Room (decorative pillow, custom Etsy artwork, F Woodland Fairy themed accessories and more)
* $50 will help us purchase a gallon of no VOC paint for the space
* $75 will help us offset the cost for window treatment
* $100 will help us offset the cost for lighting
* $250 will help us offset the cost for labor (painting + electrical)
* $500 will help us offset the cost for purchasing 100% organic cotton bedding (mattress, sheets, comforter, hypoallergenic pillows, throws and pillow covers)
* $1000 will help us offset the cost for purchasing sustainable furniture for Isabella’s space (bed, seating space, and dresser)

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