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Child's Full Name
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Current Address (if different from referral form)
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We currently live a sustainable and green lifestyle.
It's important that my family lives in a toxic free environment.
I am always looking for new ways to improve our clean living lifestyle.
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We exercise daily.
We love listening to loud music often.
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SCHEDULING ROOM INSTALL please indicate three possible date(s) for the fulfillment of a Rooms to Thrive™ install. *
SCHEDULING ROOM INSTALL please indicate three possible date(s) for the fulfillment of a Rooms to Thrive™ install.
(Note: preferred dates cannot be guaranteed)
Please list any conflicting dates that might impact your ability, positively or negatively, to participate in receiving a Rooms to Thrive™. (e.g., upcoming treatment, vacation, school, work, etc.)
The following information if OPTIONAL and will be used for STATISTICAL PURPOSES ONLY. The response should be provided by the child or his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) if they choose to do so. Please select one or more of the choices as appropriate.
I understand and agree: That no promises or assurances whatsoever have been made to me by any representative of the Carsyn Neille Foundation regarding the requested Rooms to Thrive™; 
 That the granting of any Room and the participation of any person in the process is contingent upon approval by the Carsyn Neille Foundation and the child’s physician, as well as full compliance with all conditions, qualifications, and restrictions designated by the Carsyn Neille Foundation; 
 That all individuals with parental or custodial rights for the child must approve the install before it is granted and must sign all necessary documents; and 
 That the receipt of a wish may impact the eligibility for public assistance and/or benefits. 
 I promise that the information provided by me is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.